Commercial Electrical Panels

Commercial Electrical Panels

The electrical panel channels electricity from the utility power lines to your business. Power flows through the panel into all major electrical branches, as well as smaller circuits and gets distributed to your equipment or devices. Both the safety and productivity of your business depend on the electrical panel.

Commercial electrical panels are regulated by the OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). A “dead front” is required on all panels, in order to protect people operating it from being exposed to live parts. This helps prevent electric shock.

Commercial Electrical Needs

Every business is different, therefore has unique electrical needs. However, in today’s technological era, most businesses use a wide range of electrical equipment or electronic devices.

This means your business might need specialty outlets or dedicated circuits in order to operate safely and efficiently. An electrical panel upgrade can be exactly what you need to ensure not only a smooth operation, but also compliance with the local safety codes.

Contact us today to discuss your commercial electrical needs and find out more about the benefits of a panel upgrade. Our commercial electricians have years of experience in electrical upgrades, whether it’s a simple update or a whole building renovation.

Affordable Electrical Panel Upgrade

We have licensed, certified commercial electricians who will perform thorough inspections of your electrical panels and circuit systems.

We are committed to provide not only the best electrical services in Arizona, but also affordable service. Our electricians will offer their professional recommendations for upgrading your panels, depending on your building’s specific electrical needs.

In addition to a commercial electrical panel upgrade, We can also help with other essential electrical devices your business might need, such as surge suppressors, GFCI outlets, light switches, or ceiling fans.

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